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What Steps Should I Take After a Car Accident in Illinois?

 Posted on September 06, 2019 in Car Accidents

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Before getting behind the wheel of a car and hitting the road, it is important to remember that not everything is in your control. Car accidents can happen to any motorist at any time, regardless of whether the driver follows the rules of the road. In 2017, more than 6.45 million car accidents occurred throughout the United States. Actions taken after a collision can help determine whether medical attention is required, who is at fault, and if legal action needs to be taken. While planning for a vehicle collision is almost impossible, understanding the process of what to do after a crash can help you make sure you can recover compensation from those who were responsible.

The Type of Collision Can Affect the Outcome

Based on the location and force of impact at the time of the accident, outcomes can differ significantly. For example, the aftermath of a rear-end collision could be drastically different from a head-on collision. Being struck from behind can result in whiplash, but colliding with another vehicle in front or being hit on the side or “T-boned” at an intersection can prove fatal in some cases. 

In some situations, another motorist may have caused the accident by driving recklessly. For instance, the other driver may have been distracted by texting on his or her phone. He or she also could have been driving under the influence of alcohol, exceeding the speed limit, or taking other reckless actions which led to losing control of his or her vehicle. 

How to Proceed Following an Accident

If you are involved in any type of auto accident, even if it is a minor fender-bender, adrenaline and panic may set in, and you may not be thinking clearly. A million thoughts may be running through your head, and you will likely wonder what to do first. In any accident, is imperative to remain calm, since panicking can lead to frantic actions and hasty decisions. Immediately following a crash, you should:

  • Evaluate the situation; make sure you are not pinned or trapped inside the car.

  • Check yourself for any serious injuries.

  • Make sure your passengers are okay.

  • Move to a safe location and call the police.

  • Find out if the other driver and passengers are hurt.

  • Exchange any relevant information with the other party.

  • Document the accident (including taking pictures, gathering the names and contact information of people involved and any witnesses, etc.).

  • Contact a lawyer who can help you determine liability and speak to insurance companies on your behalf.

Every detail is important to include when informing the police about the accident. The information gathered after the crash can be crucial, helping you prove that the other driver's negligence was the cause of the accident. It is important to contact an attorney before speaking to an insurance company, since a legal professional can help determine liability for any injuries suffered and negotiate an insurance settlement that fully addresses your damages. 

Contact a Barrington Personal Injury Lawyer

A car accident can be a very stressful and traumatizing event. Although it is almost impossible to plan for a disaster, knowing the steps to follow after a crash is very important. Our experienced Lake County car accident attorneys can provide you with dedicated representation in your time of need, and we will work to establish liability and help you recover compensation for your damages. To schedule a free consultation, call Barrington Injury Attorneys today at 224-900-HURT.




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